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Why use PortesCard and the Portes App?
How does the PortesCard and Portes App work?
What is the availability of the PortesCard?

Why use PortesCard and the Portes App?

PortesCard and the Portes App are Status not Identity

PortesCard and the Portes App are what we call a “Proof-of-Status” platform (what you are) that allows you to share the status of your age to a third party, without any details of your identity (who you are).

Why PortesCard vs Other Solutions?

Nearly all age verification solutions operate based on you entering personal information online. This will always involve a level of risk to your privacy and security. The PortesCard combined with the Portes App are different, in that they do not involve collecting or transmitting any personal data.

Will the Portes app work with my desktop or laptop?

Portes will work with a laptop or desktop browser, but requires a smartphone or tablet to provide the proof-of-age.

Why do I need a smartphone or tablet to use the PortesCard?

Over 90% of the UK population between the ages of 16-54 own a smartphone. These devices, paired with an app, allow us to serve as many people as possible, while also giving them the perfect balance between convenience, privacy, safety, and security.

Is a desktop machine really less secure than a smartphone or tablet?

In many cases, the answer to this is yes. Desktop solutions have a number of potential security and privacy risks not common in smartphones. Using the Portes solution on your smartphone or combined with your desktop browser solves many of those risks, for example keylogging.

Why use the Portes App vs a browser-based solution?

Most Age Verification solutions require an account. However, these require identifiers that can compromise your account or identity, like a username, password, phone number, or email address.

Other Age Verification solutions use an access code you secure via a website with a PIN. You then have to save this access code somewhere in case you need this code again. These types of solutions can be compromised or exploited by having access to this code.

Higher risk and poor parental controls

Parental Controls are impossible with accounts or codes

In both of the above examples, it is nearly impossible to prevent children from creating their own account, obtaining access to an existing account, or obtaining access to a code which can be shared with other children. A parents ability to know a child has access to Age Verification, and then being able to shut that down, becomes incredibly difficult.

PortesCard + Portes App in contrast

A purchased PortesCard voucher has no ties whatsoever to your identity and no personal data is recorded for that purchase.

A PortesCard voucher is invalidated after 24 hours or by activating it in the Portes App on your smartphone or tablet. That means you can simply discard it. There is no number to store.

Since the Portes app does not utilize accounts, there are no accounts to compromise your online identity.

You can install the Portes App on your Child’s device to prevent any age verification usage on Portes-enabled sites or apps (see parental controls).

How does the PortesCard and Portes App work?

How to activate a PortesCard with the Portes app?

Visit an authorized vendor, show ID if asked, and purchase a PortesCard voucher. This voucher will contain either a scannable QR Code, a serial number, or both.

Download the Portes App from the Apple or Google Play Store, open the app, and tap on “Enter Code”. Within 24 hours of purchasing the PortesCard, scan the QR Code or manually enter the serial number into the Portes App.

The Portes App will verify this voucher is valid and convert it into a proof-of-age “credential” we call a DIID. This DIID belongs to you.

At this point the voucher is invalidated and cannot be used again.

How does the Portes App work (Age Verification)?

When you visit a Portes-enabled site or app with your mobile device, that site will provide you with a challenge that looks like this:

Simply “Tap” this challenge which will lunch the Portes App. The Portes App knows the site or app is requesting proof-of-age, and will supply completely random and anonymized proof back to the site or app requesting it.

When you visit a Portes-enabled site on your desktop or laptop device, the site will provide you with a challenge that looks like this:

Simply open the Portes App on your smartphone or laptop, and tap on the “Enter Code” icon. Scan the Portes Qr Code and the Portes App will once again send a randomized and anonymous proof-of-age back to the site that requested it.

What is the availability of the PortesCard?

How much does the PortesCard cost?

The voucher is £4.99 for a single device and £8.99 for multiple devices (up to 4). Renewals are just £2.99 after the first year.

When and where will the PortesCard Vouchers be available?

PortesCard vouchers will be available at over 60k PayPoint and epay locations in the UK. We anticipate that PortesCard will be available on July 1st.

Some Age Verification solutions are free, why do you charge for yours?

To provide the utmost level of privacy, we utilize in-person checks from vendors who distribute the PortesCard. These vendors charge us to distribute PortesCard vouchers, therefore we must charge for them. Additionally, our business is in providing a valuable, yet affordable service that protects your privacy.

How long is the PortesCard valid?

Once you’ve verified your PortesCard in the Portes App, your Age Verification will work unlimited times for one year. After a year you can re-authorize it with an in-app purchase, or by purchasing a renewal PortesCard from an authorized location.